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Why will explanatory animation videos help you captivate your audiences?

In a world characterised by increased competition between brands and constant exposure to advertising messages, it is crucial to offer original, captivating, and emotion-generating content.

How to captivate your BtoC or BtoB audience?

2D and 3D animation videos: clarity, persuasion, entertainment.

When it comes to explaining your products or services in a clear and convincing manner, or telling your story in an entertaining way while highlighting your values and strengths, animation videos, also known as motion design videos, prove to be particularly effective.

But why?

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Simplify complex concepts:

Whether you operate in an unexciting industry or have a slightly complex product or service, animation videos provide a solution to simplify complex ideas using visually stimulating images and clear illustrations. Through 2D or 3D animations, it becomes possible to transform abstract concepts into visual animations, making it easier for your target audience to understand your message in an accessible and engaging way. Check out the video we created for Thales, combining 2D and 3D motion design. A futuristic graphic style was used to transport the viewer through mini-worlds created to showcase the different applications of the highlighted technology. Extensive sound design work was also done (voice-over and music) to create an emotionally captivating piece. 

Create captivating visuals for better memorability:

Animation videos also offer unlimited creative freedom in terms of visual design. With unique and original styles, the use of colours, eye-catching movements, and visual transitions, it becomes easier to maintain your audience’s attention throughout the video. This format often encourages the emergence of positive emotions that invite sharing on social media, increasing your brand visibility and attracting new prospects.

Have engaging storytelling:

Animation videos allow you to use professional voice-overs for impactful dialogues that guide your audience through your story. Engaging storytelling contributes to creating an immersive experience, improving information retention. FNAIM understood the importance of good storytelling! To increase its notoriety and present a modern image to a broad target audience, this Union of Professional Syndicates called upon our agency’s creative and production teams for the conception and realisation of an advertising video

Personalise and adapt messages:

Animation videos can be easily personalised to always match your brand on one side and your target audience on the other. You can choose the animation style, colours, characters, and scenes that best represent your image. The versatility of motion design videos allows for reshaping, rethinking, modifying formats, durations, and reallocating resources to adapt to different platforms and channels, such as social media, websites, and live presentations, etc. The Citéco project is a good example of this: 87seconds accompanied the Cité de L’Économie in creating a series of motion design videos with a “collage” effect, entirely produced in-house: storyboard, animation, casting, voice-over recording, and sound mixing. In total, 20 episodes were adapted into social media format, subtitled in English and French, and accompanied by an interactive quiz.

Optimise costs:

In addition to the numerous advantages explained above, motion design animation videos also allow for cost optimization in content creation. Unlike live-action videos, which involve higher costs related to actors, sets, equipment, shooting locations, etc., animation videos are mainly created using digital tools. Moreover, these videos can be easily updated or adapted without requiring new shoots, maximising the efficiency and profitability of your video content.

In conclusion

Animation videos or motion design videos are a powerful and attractive way to explain your products or services in a clear and memorable manner.

By simplifying concepts, using captivating visuals, offering engaging storytelling, personalising content, and creating memorable experiences, animation videos help you captivate your audience and effectively convey your message.

Need assistance in creating creative and impactful animation videos to stand out from the competition? Contact our experts!

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