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logo motion design 87s
logo motion design 87s

Creative motion-design and how we use it in ads?

If you wish to stand-out in a crowded advertising environment, motion-design is a way to help you stand-out and create the difference in a dense social ecosystem. It’s not because we say Motion-design that it necessarily means explainer video or standardized communication, it’s a very creative way to showcase your messages, bring life and dynamism to your ads

Catch attention, engage with audiences!

And of course, build your brand awareness

Did you know that human attention span is 8 seconds? That’s less than the 9 seconds of a goldfish!! ? ? Ok let’s look into ways to connect and engage with your audiences then!

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You already spend more than 8 seconds looking at this article, which is a great news! You are interested by the topic! ? We have such little time of attention to connect with audiences, but the first advantage of motion-design is the color and eye catching artistic direction. Users are generally not really looking at the content on social media, they are zapping, swiping, scrolling on content. A strong visual will differentiate you from the others, you just need to add the right message on top! To be honest, according to a 2019 Facebook study, 10sec view on your motion content, already tend to increase your brand awareness! The strength of motion-design resides in the illustration and craft, colors, fonts, animations, visuals, artistic direction are the key elements to make your content unique. By crafting a creative diverse environment, combined with the right messages you’ll get a real eye-catching content. The second key advantage of Motion-design is the agility of this technique making it very relevant to create engagement on all social media touch points. The versatility of motion, enables you to reshape, rethink, modify formats, durations and repurpose the assets to match all touch points of your social ecosystem. We must also emphasize that motion-design is also a way for our teams to upcycle and bring to life your static visuals!

Be smart with your budget

Motion-design for cost efficience and upcycling

Creating content without the filming production part is of course cost effective as it will involve less team, less shooting constraint (actors, equipment, location, time constraints…). It’s also not always the unique or magical solution as we believe that content needs to make people feel and how better than filming humans to generate them. Advising you on the best way to communicate depending on your objectives is part of our role, and we’re here to partner. We mentioned the versatility of Motion-design that can be reshaped or repurposed even 6 months after the campaign is ready when you end-up with a change with a local request that need some specific elements. It’s also a good way to upcycle the content in growth hacking processes and AB test and improve the content in a run process.

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