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that makes people feel.

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We are a social-led creative + production agency, expert in creating unique ATAWADAC* content: (any time, any where, any device, any culture)

Our CONSEIL & CONTENT teams help brands develop 360° campaigns and produce content for social networks, corporate content, branding, etc.

Our raison d’être: to make people feel!

Sneak peek of our latest creative campaigns
Substance 3D
BtoB Campaign
BtoB Campaign
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Grand Frais
Tour du Frais
Webseries - At the cost of a cinema
Jake Food
In One Shake
Vichy solar water x 87seconds
Vichy Solar Waters
LCF x 87seconds
Les Cosmétiques Frais
Adobe Substance 3D
Innovative vision and winning creative strategies

In 2024, a creative agency must act like a chameleon in a world of constant change and evolution. It must be flexible to adapt to this ever-changing environment, ready to challenge itself and explore new avenues, such as streaming platforms, gaming and the metaverse. At the cutting edge of technology, agencies need to be pioneers in exploring new trends and artificial intelligence to stay one step ahead of their customers.

Constantly on the lookout for market trends and audience behaviors, agencies are keen to better understand how audiences behave on different platforms, so as to better hijack them and play with them.

By focusing on emotions, our agency proves that advertising can be not only effective, but also moving.

Make people dance 💃🏽, give them a smile 😸, scream 🤩, laugh 😛… so many emotions we love to bring to life for your audiences, whether via global 360° campaigns, social network content, influencer campaigns or corporate/RSE and internal content. A mix of 100% in-house talents from creative strategy to post-production, enhanced by our own studios: sound, photo, video, all spread over several countries including mainly France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Congrats! You’re reading the fine print, you must be a real go getter or a glutton for punishment! So here’s the SEO, hold on tight. We’re a marketing company, which means we do a ton of video marketing. We also do a fair amount of corporate video, video editing and video content.You’re still here? Oh brother…