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The benefits of educational videos for successful online training

In the world of online training, I present to you educational videos. They have become an essential tool for effectively transmitting knowledge and allowing your audience to achieve specific goals without leaving their homes. This applies to both individual training and employee training.

Creating online video courses (MOOC)

Belonging to the category of e-learning videos or video tutorials, they can be embedded on your website, shared on social media, or included in your blogs.

Unlike videos intended for a wider audience, online video guides follow more specific codes, especially when it comes to retaining attention for longer periods. They offer numerous advantages, which we will discuss below.

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Enhanced visualisation and understanding:

Firstly, educational videos provide an immersive visual experience that facilitates the understanding of complex concepts. By using visuals, animations, and graphics, these videos present concrete content, allowing learners to better assimilate and retain information.

Citéco understands this well. Our team of experts has created a web series aimed at educating students on economic subjects in a fun format with recurring key characters. 

Increased engagement:

Educational videos are more captivating than simple texts or endless slideshows. By combining images, movement, and narration, they keep learners engaged throughout the training process. This promotes better engagement and active participation in learning.

For example, our team worked with Adobe to present the latest features of their Adobe Substance 3D tool through a series of videos. The goal was to highlight the ease of use and the wide variety of textures, materials, and lighting available with the 3D suite. 

Adaptability and flexibility:

Easily accessible online, e-learning videos can be viewed anytime and anywhere, allowing learners to go at their own pace. Additionally, videos can be paused, rewound, and rewatched, offering valuable flexibility and adaptability for individual learning.

Our work for Franck Provost is a perfect example of this. In a series of 4 easily viewable episodes, the Franck Provost coaching application was presented to hairdressers, all with a sleek, minimalist style and a familiar voice-over. 

Enhanced information retention:

Furthermore, educational videos stimulate multiple senses. Through visual, auditory, and narrative elements, stronger connections are created in the brain, facilitating knowledge retrieval when needed.

Encouragement of active learning:

Lastly, videos can be accompanied by quizzes, exercises, or open-ended questions to make them interactive. This encourages active learning and provides an opportunity to put all the acquired knowledge into practice.

In conclusion

Educational videos play a crucial role in online training by offering significant benefits for learners.

Thanks to their ability to facilitate understanding, increase engagement, offer flexible learning, enhance information retention, and encourage active learning, educational videos have become an essential tool in the field of online education. By integrating high-quality educational videos into your training programs, you can provide a rewarding and effective learning experience for your learners.

Need assistance in creating creative and impactful training videos to stand out from the competition? Contact our experts!

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