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5 tips for creative and impactful campaigns

In a context of hyper-exposure, it’s not easy to stand out. However, with a few key principles – and a lot of creativity – it is possible to really impact your audience and generate business for sure. Discover our 5 tips to create creative and truly impactful campaigns.

Advertising campaigns that your audience will remember

Key elements: emotions, a HtoH approach, ATAWADAC content but not only

Tip #1: Emotions first

As we like to say at 87seconds, if money does not make good ideas, good ideas do make money. This is why the key to success lies in creating intelligent content, but above all, content that captures attention by generating emotions. To achieve this, it’s not about focusing on strategy alone, it’s about creating magic to generate real impact. All this through unique, original and captivating content, the kind that really makes a difference and will leave a mark on your audience. The perfect balance between authenticity, creativity and strategy.

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Tip #2: In 2023, the HtoH approach will be the order of the day

In 2023, the BtoC (Business to Consumer) or BtoB (Business to Business) approach is over. Indeed, these ways of approaching your target are outdated, considered too general. It is time to privilege an HtoH (Human to Human) approach that takes into account personal and direct relationships. The challenge of this new strategy is to understand the unique needs and expectations of each customer in order to offer a personalized experience that is ever more human. Always using creativity to generate emotions and touch consumers’ hearts, of course.

Tip #3: ATADAWAC campaigns

Television, print, digital, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok… As consumers, we use a multitude of platforms. That’s why it is now essential to think of your campaign in a global way by creating content called ATADAWAC (Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device, Any Content) that is to say, consumable anywhere, anytime and on any device regardless of the format. This means that transmitting emotions means more than ever considering the needs and challenges of brands by focusing on factors such as the moments of life and consumption of the advertising message, the customer journey by broadcasting the right message at the right time, the codes and narratives specific to each media, and finally, the habits and interests of communities rather than population segments.

Tip #4: When creative strategy and production become one

Working in synergy from the strategic creative thinking phase is essential to the successful execution of a campaign. What kind of content creators will be working on the project? What will be the production process? What are the production stages? Indeed, taking all these points into account as soon as the strategy is elaborated allows not only to avoid possible problems, but also to innovate on the content and on the form of the final result. For example, why not integrate from the beginning creative profiles such as 3D specialists or illustrators who will be able to put themselves in the consumer’s shoes and thus be more authentic, or the use of artificial intelligence tools such as MidJourney or Feel IN?

Tip #5: Measure the effectiveness of the campaign no matter what

Measuring the emotional impact of your advertising can be a good way to evaluate its effectiveness. It also allows you to improve the quality of your campaigns, to understand consumer behaviors, and of course, to make mid-course optimizations. Indeed, data on the emotions aroused by an ad can provide valuable information to improve campaigns and achieve marketing objectives.

The final tip

Bonus: and above all, choose the right partner

Choosing an agency that listens to you, but above all, that is adapted to your needs, is an essential step in the success of a campaign. At 87seconds, we like to create content that makes people feel thanks to global 360° campaigns, social media content, influencer activations or corporate and internal content. We like to see the client/agency relationship as a real exchange in which we co-construct to develop healthy and sustainable relationships. At 87s, we use our 100% in-house talent – about a hundred of them – specialized in various fields, from creative strategy to post-production and project management. In addition, we enrich this expertise with the use of our own sound, photo and video studios in several countries, including France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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