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Everything you need to know to create compelling promotional videos

Promotional videos, when they offer unique, original, and captivating content, are an excellent way to increase your sales and customer base. With their ability to develop your brand content, evoke emotions, and present your products or services convincingly or in the form of a demonstration, they will help you in your strategy. Here’s everything you need to know about them!

Promotional videos should be brief and memorable.

They are often an effective way to present your company, teams, products and/or services, and expertise.

We all have in mind the corporate videos from the 80s, which were very institutional and, let’s admit it, quite boring. Today, thanks to new technologies, we have acquired an almost unlimited creative potential to make this content unforgettable.

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What forms can it take? 

A promotional video can take different forms, depending on your needs, target audience, and the brand image you want to convey. Let’s take motion design or the art of animating photos with pictograms, illustrations, or typography of all kinds. This technique allows you to create short, dynamic, and impactful films while adding a touch of modernity to your company. 

It can also be an animated infographic, which has both a playful and educational effect. However, never forget that animation or advertising film has the power to influence your revenue and success: it must therefore be carefully produced, preferably by a renowned audiovisual creation and production company, like 87seconds. 

How do people behave in front of it? 

Today, consumer behaviour has changed. It has become highly mobile, using various communication and reading media and spending a lot of time on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

The average consumer wants to consume information quickly and in large quantities. More than an innovative communication solution, audiovisual video content production has become an ultra-effective marketing strategy.

What should be the duration? 

A well-executed promotional video can have a significant impact on your sales and your ability to attract new customers. By presenting your distinctive advantages, creating an emotional connection, amplifying your visibility, and strengthening trust, promotional videos become an essential tool for positively influencing your target audience. Do not underestimate the power of video in your marketing strategy and leverage its full potential.

In conclusion

Promotional videos are an essential marketing tool

Varied and impactful promotional videos can positively influence your target audience, strengthen your visibility, and generate sales, making audiovisual production an indispensable marketing tool. Do not overlook the power of video in your strategy and leverage its full potential to attract new customers and create a strong emotional connection.

Need assistance in creating creative and impactful promotional videos to stand out from the competition? Contact our experts!

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