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Discover 5 different creatives motion-design styles for your explainer videos

We are going to present some visual styles in this video, of course those are not exclusive. Versatility of motion-design enables you to mix and match the different content styles to generate your own unique creative.

Description of the 5 styles that you saw

One objective in mind: make it your own!

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Style 1# – Flat Design

Flat design is THE long-known playful format, regrouping and shortening informations (by visualizing shapes, space, details) in order to focus on the message. It’s the most used style, in order to stand-out you’ll need to focus on a strong visual identity and commitments. A few examples of those would be set of colors, transitions, uncommon camera angles or character designs. We follow market trends and our team help you identify the style that will match your needs.

Style 2# – Textured 2D motion

2D Textured motion design, gives more depth to your creation, it usually builds up more emotions by adding some visual mood to your content. It adds a feeling of space, volume, authenticity.

Style 3# – Motion 2D Mixing abstract and representation

This 2D style mixing both abstract and representation, allow you to bring more dynamism between different scenes that we’ll develop. It’s a good format for example to showcase how to use an app and more descriptive scenes that will suggest benefits of this usage. Abstract visuals on top of the rythm, will bring a modern look and feel to your content, which is great to bring your content to the next level!

Style 4# – Motion 2D Illustration & fonts

2D motion design mixing illustrations & fonts enables you to play with longer messages without making them too boring. Mixing both, will generate rythm, combining both visual strength, highlighting key words and projecting user in a visual environment thanks to the illustrations. It’s a great combination of making people imagine and guiding them through words.

Style 5# – Minimalistic Whiteboard

Whiteboard was a popular technique a few years ago and still is when you want to explain something that’s complex in a demonstrative and playful way. We can still make it look modern with minimalist composition and thin lines. It still is the right format to generate simplicity.

Style without message...

means nothing!

You found the style that you like best? That’s great, but otherwise don’t worry, we’re always around to help. Keep in mind that on top of your visual, there’s a strong need to deliver the right message. A great visual idea without the right message will take you nowhere, and even more if you have various touch points to reach out to your audience. If you add a cultural aspect, languages and behaviors require different layers of messaging. Does it sound complex? We are here to partner and bring the best of your objective, guiding you through the right message, the right technique and the ecosytem to use your content.

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