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video storytelling




A video storytelling  consists of producing episodic video content on the internet, mainly with an informative aim. It’s the best way to keep your clients in the loop about your activities on your website. Whether you choose an animated style or one containing real images for your series, our creative team will listen to you and create a video storytelling  with you that corresponds to your company’s image. Learn more about the advantages of storytelling in a video.

A video storytelling  is also a means of reinforcing the relationship you have with your clients. In just a few seconds you’ll be able to share your whole world with them.

Innovative concept

The goal of a storytelling video is to share content with your clients that reflects the spirit of your company. A captivating story and a dash of humour are two indispensable ingredients for your “webisodes” that enable you to capture the attention of your audience, thereby building a real online community.


Interactive product

A mini-series comes in a short format; videos last a maximum of 5 minutes. The brevity of these videos is appreciated by internet users and can help them go viral. In fact, the ease with which videos on the internet can be shared is one of their defining features.

Strong creative concept

These films are often short in length and merge different techniques used in the production of other video formats, including television series or even short films. A storytelling video will allow your clients to identify with the characters and thereby make it easier for you to share emotions.

Available online

A storytelling video can be broadcast on the internet, most often on video-hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo or even Dailymotion. These platforms allow your clients to follow your episodes more easily and also allow you to break into the digital world.