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Logo Le petit marseillais x 87seconds
Logo Le petit marseillais x 87seconds

Le Petit Marseillais' New Extra Doux range: transparent, fully recyclable packaging, and more natural formulas

Support the relaunch of the Extra Doux range by clearly stating the novelty: a new transparent and fully recyclable packaging as well as more natural formulas

How to drive awareness on the transparency revolution operated by the brand with its new transparent & sustainable Extra Doux relaunch

A global 360° campaign

To raise massive awareness on this new commitments while keeping the brand DNA and sensoriality, 87seconds supported Le Petit Marseillais to create and launch a 360 campaign (from TV, print, social media assets…)

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87seconds approach was to maintain the brand’s DNA and sensoriality while highlighting the transparency revolution that the brand is undergoing. To generate trust in the brand, we created a transparency toolkit that emphasizes the brand’s commitment to nature, sustainability, and pleasure. In addition, we developed a print and point-of-sale campaign to amplify the resonance of our message. To reach a wider audience, we produced rich digital content that was integrated into our global 360-degree campaign. We managed the entire process, from conception to production and broadcasting, which was entirely in-house. Our aim was to create content that would make people feel and resonate with the brand.

An impactful campaign for Le Petit Marseillais

Transparency Revolution and Sustainability Commitments : more nature, more sustainable and more pleasure


Our team at 87s, worked tirelessly to create an impactful campaign that would effectively communicate the transparency revolution and sustainability commitments of Le Petit Marseillais. From TVC, POS, VOL and E-COM contents were developed to support the big launch rolled out in France first.

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