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The advent of the internet and the explosion of video as a format are pushing innovative businesses towards adopting communication methods that are in step with the times. The importance of high-quality video communication has therefore become crucial for a business wishing to separate itself from the competition.

Since its inception, 87seconds has constantly surrounded itself with the best talent there is. Our high-tech graphic and audio-visual teams allow us to provide you with an unrivalled result in the field of video communications.

Choose your own format

The 87seconds catalogue offers you four main products: animated films that allow you to bring 2D illustrations to life, classic filmed video content, 3D digital video productions and dynamic interviews.

Filmed content

The filming teams at 87seconds can produce high-quality filmed content for you. Then, you have the option to apply one of our many creative touches. Stop motion, adding an interface and dynamic overlay, aerial shots using our drones or even “blended” videos are some of the possibilities for making your video attractive and effective.

Digital video productions

87seconds can help you to bring your ideas to life. Cartoons, 2D animation in general, and dynamic 3D content productions are among the skills mastered by our creative teams. Our large range of technical skills allows us to breathe life into your most original thoughts and ideas. Don’t hesitate any longer: if you can dream it, we can create it.

Personalised creation and follow-up

At 87seconds, each client is unique. That’s why we offer you personalised project follow-up. With our client platform, you can get in touch with our teams from the beginning to the end of your video’s production process. If you have ideas or changes to be made, let us know, and get involved in completing your project.