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video campaigns

The key of successful video campaigns is the complete comprehension between the audiovisual agency and their client.

In most cases, agencies deliver an unwanted product because of misunderstandings. In order to avoid this issue, at 87seconds we have developed an online collaborative platform to allow our clients to follow the steps of the production, to leave comments and also to share feedback. This way, our video campaigns are always meeting the need of our clients. 

Perfect video campaigns begin with the choice of an exceptional creative agency.

87seconds expertise

We are great at creating video campaigns. Our field of expertise is divided into 4 categories namely animation, films, 3D productions and interviews. Take a look.

On location

Video campaigns are not only produced in studios. In the cinema jargon, “on location” refers to the shooting location where the filming crew will take and shoot the different scenes of your next video.

Green screen

Our studio is equipped with a green screen that authorizes us to integrate elements to the video content. This technique of special effects allows us to embed objects or animations thanks to a computer program in a specific part of the video.

Sound design

Sound design refers to the discipline that creates the audio effects that will be included in video campaigns. This part of the job that we do not often think of,  is one of the essential points that will allow the audience to be captivated.