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Your guide to creating a creative event video.

Video is a powerful tool for capturing the essence of an event. Whether it’s a conference, a trade show, or an internal communication event, if done well, it can reach a wider audience by reliving the event afterwards. When you invest time and money in organising a physical event, it would be a shame for it to be forgotten as soon as it ends. Video recording, also known as filming, during the event is a great way to prolong its impact beyond its initial duration. Prepared in advance, it can add dynamism to an event while simultaneously broadcasting it (in real-time) in different locations or countries.

Creating a corporate event video which can be broadcast live or in replay

Préparation, anticipation, accompagnement

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Preparation in advance:

For a successful corporate event video, it is essential to identify the key moments, important locations, speakers, or key participants that you want to highlight. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the capture and the physical event seamlessly integrate so that the cameras are not visible, preserving the immersion of the viewers. Meticulous preparation, including discussions with the teams to anticipate technical needs, is crucial to capture the most significant moments and not miss anything. It is also essential to anticipate the constraints and specificities of the venue to guarantee a smooth and seamless production.


Competent filming team:

Next, it is more than important to hire an experienced and competent filming team. They should be equipped with high-quality cameras, suitable microphones, and any other equipment necessary to capture quality images and sound. By relieving the client or technical team from concerns related to the set-up of the stage design, the filming team can provide valuable advice to ensure optimal implementation. Furthermore, support beyond technical set-up is essential to ensure smooth and seamless coverage of the event.

Shot planning:

Creating a shooting plan by identifying the key moments you want to capture is one of the key elements of preparation the day before the shoot. For example, plan shots of the main stage, secondary stages, conferences, workshops, and networking moments. Also, invite remote participants through live streaming and vary the shooting angles to bring dynamism to your video. Don’t forget to film audience reactions and conduct interviews to add a human dimension to your coverage.

Capturing ambiance and details:

In addition to the highlights, make sure to capture the overall ambiance of the event. Film the decor, booths, interactions between participants, and moments of conviviality. Details such as the welcoming of guests or cocktail hours, for example, can contribute to creating complete immersion for those who will watch the video later.

Dynamic editing:

Once filming is complete, the key to the success of the final video lies in the quality of post-production. Dedicate time to careful editing in order to create dynamic and engaging content. Select the best moments, use smooth transitions, and add appropriate music (sound design) to enhance the emotional impact of the video. Don’t forget to add titles, subtitles, and captions to facilitate understanding and dissemination of your message. Motion design experts can assist you with this.

There are two options for editing a live event video: either use the complete recording as is, with intro/outro, transitions, music, titles, graphics directly at the end of the event, OR rework the editing to create video clips that can be used elsewhere, such as newsletters or social media platforms.

In conclusion

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Video coverage of an event is an excellent way to share the experience with your audience. By carefully planning your filming, engaging an expert production team and competent post-production studio, capturing the ambiance and key moments, and creating dynamic editing, you can create an impactful and immersive video that can be broadcast live or transmitted later. By thoroughly preparing for the filming, you can also anticipate different needs for sharing your videos on appropriate platforms such as your website or social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok…) to maximise reach and engagement.

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