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7 inspiring creatives motion-design styles for your marketing campaigns

Most of the time, your motion-design marketing campaigns will mix caracter design in the motion-design, it’s important that you have in mind an idea of the style that will fit your brand. Although creativity has no limit, identifying the style that will match your brand and your needs is important: are you more realistic, geometric, minimalist, cartoon or disproportionate? It will give you main orientations for your brief. We’re still here to support, our creatives and illustrator will develop the perfect design for you.

Let's discover those trends in details

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The realistic flat design is closer to “standard” proportions. Characters, items and spaces are inspired from the daily life and have more details. This style is built thanks to perspectives, lights, shares, cultural references… It’s commonly used for videos where we need to create a specific environment, a tool & so on…


Minimalism is an artistic trend, as the word describes it, it’s not a detailed style! It’s best to illustrate global concepts by specific gestures, situations. The viewer is not disrupted by the design of the characters, nor by the facial expressions. It allows easier identification to the video, with a stronger strength in terms of conceptualizing elements. Since you don’t have any facial features, camera angles are very important to take the attention where it needs to be.

3# High modernity – Mix of FLAT, PATTERNS…

Combining different styles to create very moderns characters and modern concepts. The different techniques are merged together to create various styles offering a limitless creativity. Whenever you have high expectations and looking to differentiate, that’s the way to go!


Arty is a unique design, mixing textures and patterns with characters or design elements. There’s a bit more work here! Facial expressions for example are more detailed, this design will bring more depth to your message and overall is usually more attractive for viewers. A trendy look and feel that is mostly used for a strong storytelling motion video requiring a high-end character design.


Simplicity, authentic, spontaneous, those would be the key words behind this style. It’s made of simple line drawing with maybe a few cooler drops to tell your story. It gives a “hand-made” look and feel to your video. Your messages will be displayed clearly, without any artifices, the style mixes pretty well with short sequences in frame by frame animation.


3D gives your design an increased depth, volume, texture… Those new dimensions allow for infinite possibilities from a realistic point of view to a more gamified experience. Once again creativity is the only limit for this technique (although budget can sometimes also be!) but our teams are able to imagine an infinite level of creation starting from a 3D space. The technique is also not as difficult in terms of image processing as it used to be, allowing for more democratized 3D experiences within the motion-design area.


Simplified shapes, it’s the most synthesize style where we forget details to focus on concepts. According to the desired level of realism we can add details layers. It’s a modern and conceptual style that we have seen a lot over the past years. The graphism don’t override the message, therefore adapted to any type of topics but especially used as explainer.

Enhance your style with a strong message and sound-design

A process built to deliver

Our motion-design step by step process enables you to find the style that will match your needs, define your key message, build a rough board and storyboard to visualize your video and then animate, record a VO and build a tailor-made sound-design. This whole process built in an interactive mode, will make every step easy and bring you peace of mind for a qualitative and fast project delivery.

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