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Dental video marketing

Dental video marketing is offered by 87 Seconds. Dentists tend to stick to the more traditional methods of advertising, but video marketing can be used as a key strategy to differentiate from other dentists in your area. You can create videos introducing the gentle kind dentist that puts their clients at ease in the dentist chair, put yourself across as a family friendly dentist, show that you treat your clients as family, do a tour of the dentist surgery so people know what to expect before they get there, and explainer videos. Yes, there is plenty scope for 87 Seconds to help you excel with dental video marketing.

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Do you want to stand out from your competitors and promote your company with video?


Best of - dental video marketing

3 benefits of dental video marketing
  • Your sales benefits from appealing unquestionable growth by using video.
  • A video clip boosts your branding communication.
  • Your company's image can have tailored videos.
Why work with 87seconds?
  • teamwork Rewarded through a number of awards and nominations in particular by the Deloitte Fast50.
  • videocamera Clients experience optimal customer relations
  • like_fb An array of illustrious clients like OuiSncf, Thalès, Michelin, etc.

dental video marketing: tips & information

Video? Dental patient marketing

A short dental video is a great way to show your patients a quick overview of your dental services without overwhelming them with a lot of information. With Video it’s very transparent, visitors can see there is a real person, trustworthy, professional and will instil a level of trust to entice them to contact you. Video marketing has grown tremendously over the past years, videos stand out on websites and Social Media platforms. People prefer videos, as it’s the easiest method to get information, as it only requires one click.

WHY USE VIDEO in your dental practice?

Video is the most powerful medium for sharing your dentistry's story. Online videos help to both boost sales and increase credibility for potential shoppers who are looking to become first time patients. As competition increases, potential clients need a reason to pick you... Our filmmakers have had years of experience crafting powerful videos all over the world from concept to completion. Even if your project is in the early stages of planning, we would love to hear about it....

Build your brand with video marketing.

Patient education videos for your website and for use in your office. Take a look at some of the dental websites we have designed and developed for our clients. Attract new patients with SEO, search advertising, and social media strategies. Simply log in and add Optio TV or Optio Dentistry to your account. Targeted campaigns on YouTube and Facebook will improve your branding leading to a sustained increase in new patients month-over-month....

Quiz - Test your video expertise

Visual content is seen as boosting the length of time that users spend on sites by _____________ out of 10 marketers.

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Last articles about dental video marketing

Video and animation for dentists

YouTube is owned by Google and is the largest video website. Business owners, including dentists use YouTube to promote their services with short video presentations whereas potential clients use YouTube to research treatment options and suppliers Google reads the video titles and descriptive tags and uses this data to determine a website's relevance and ranking position. We strongly recommend that dentists compile a small suite of dental videos to publish on YouTube....

Why you need video content on your website

Videos are one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools to increase website traffic and performance. Video marketing increases engagement, time spent on your website, and creates a strong representation of your practice and brand. When you add video to website content, you are improving the user experience, providing an educational tool, and utilizing a personal approach to connect your practice with the patient....

Consider the Tremendous Value of a Practice Video

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, think about the positive impact a promotional video featuring your dental practice could have on prospective patients! Practice Cafe and our video production partner work hard to offer you a good-quality product, timely turnaround, and affordability, which is a combination that can be hard to come by these days!...


dental video marketing prices

estimate 2.000 - 100.000€

87seconds is an agency that prides itself on offering complete price transparency. Estimating a budget is a difficult task which starts with the briefing where we will sit with you and discuss the entire video production process. Video production is a craftsman's job, which involves a lot of talent and expertise. Depending on the needs identified and the creative direction that we mutually decide to take, we will create a tailor-made quote for your project on a man-day basis.

dental video marketing: production process



Campaign goal Challenge Debriefing


Content strategy Creative direction


Talent selection Storytelling Set up/scenography PPM meeting


Film shooting Illustrations 3D modelling Animation


Editing Compositing Colorimetry

Campaign launch

Media plan Distribution

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