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Are you preparing for an event and do you want to give it as much coverage as possible? Do you wish to create a video trailer, best-of compilation, backstage video, interview, video conference or even an aftermovie for one of your projects? Well look no further, because you have come to the right place. 87seconds takes care of your audio-visual productions from start to finish.

Creating an video teaser combines the skill sets of all the teams at 87seconds. From camera handling to post-production processing, your event video will be tailor-made in order to meet your expectations.

Getting to know you

Our teams of experts will advise you effectively on putting in place a communication strategy that will take your event to the next level, designating a product adapted to your media and your audience. Thanks to our experience, event coverage will no longer be a burden, but your strong suit.

Share your success

With a captivating video teaser, you will not only be able to share the success of your event, but will also be able to stand out from the competition. Our creative team in this field will produce a magical video that will make you more visible to your target audience.

Share your emotions

It is proven that videos are shared more easily if they have a greater emotional impact. At 87seconds, this is the result we want you to achieve with your event video. Produce a video teaser and reach out to your client when they are at their most receptive. We offer a wide range of tools to capture your entire world so that your video can be shared with everybody.

Take advantage of our proximity and follow-up

Our collaborative platform makes it possible to respond effectively to all our customer’s requests and to keep in close contact with them. What is more, we guarantee a physical presence thanks to our locations in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. All of this is to provide you with the utmost comfort.