Your story begins with a blank page


video scribing

An excellent storytelling tool

Video scribing

Regardless of the message you want to bring, 87seconds and their creative team will do everything they can to make them as attractive as possible with a video on a whiteboard

This latest trend has now nothing to prove. A scribing video has became an way to communicate in an efficiently and targeted way. Its simplified drawing and its instructive approach is the reason why a large majority of people find those kind of video attractive. 

Thanks to the flexibility of our teams, you’ll be able to customize it by making it unique and adapted to your image. 

Storytelling tool

A scribing video is a fun and creative technique to set out your ideas in an organized way. It consists in a close-up shot of someone drawing and writing on a whiteboard.


It’s a simple design with no distractions. Great for building up and sharing complex ideas in a instructional or educational context. A video scribing will allow you to deliver your message smoothly in no time.

Countless possibilities

A whiteboard video allows you to illustrate all your ideas. You are looking for an innovative way to show your key figures, or just a new way to introduce your new product? Differentiate yourself from the competition with a video scribing.

Captivating images

A short video is the perfect way to allow your video to go beyond the borders as they can quickly become viral. Your message become then easy to share. Don’t wait any longer and come visit us to discuss about your video scribing ideas.