The world is ruled by video

Do you remember what was the last thing you uploaded or shared online? Or the last thing you saw that was being shared? Well, chances are high it was a photo or a video. Nowadays, visuals rule the social media world!

As we mentioned in previous blogposts (see here, YouTube Channel Optimization), many companies now understand the use of video; that it’s a good and dynamic way to increase a campaign’s Call-to-Action. Some facts and figures:

The following infographic presentation is based on a research that was realised of the top 10 most influents brands’ Facebook page. This one explains how photos and videos really drive engagement.

Videos and photos: ruling the worldwide web

Also, it has been proven that photos are twice more liked than a plain text, and that videos are 12 times more shared than text and photo combined. This actually means that every week, 100 million people undertake an action , which involves video, on a social platform. With ‘action’, we mean liking, sharing, commenting, etc.

In order to optimize your SEO and increase your website’s traffic, this study also noticed that Pinterest is the most useful social network to do it! Furthermore, Pinterest users add more brands to their interests than other social media users.

Have a look at this very interesting infographic, and don’t hesitate to share it, to like it and/or to comment it!

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