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Stopmotion video

Among the many techniques that are part of the video world, this type of animation is one of the oldest techniques. Appearing at the beginning of the 20th century, a stopmotion video is still a key-player because of its charm, its technicality and its astonishing rendering.

It is also known as frame-by-frame animation. This technique involves capturing a snapshot of a fixed scene and then subtly changing the contents of it. After this a photo is then retaken of the scene.

At 87seconds, we believe that in certain situations, stop motion can be the ideal type of video for explaining a concept, introducing new products or for expressing an idea.

The basics of the concept

For an optimal rendering, the production of a stop motion video requires: perfect illumination, created by stop boxes and continuous lighting; an impeccable picture produced by professional cameras mounted on tripods and a studio with a background support etc.


Accuracy is the key factor in the success of a stopmotion video project. This is true from the initial idea, through to the creation of the studio and right up until the assembly of the photos. The final result will depend on the careful work carried out throughout the project.


The stopmotion video captures the movement of objects frame-by-frame. This means that in order to produce, say a clip of 10 seconds, you will have to take a hundred pictures. It is the fast sequence of images that will create the illusion of movement.

Complex process

The major disadvantage of a stopmotion video is that making a video takes an enormous amount of time. It actually requires a lot of meticulousness and patience. That’s why the team at 87seconds offers to produce it for you. In this way, you will achieve a remarkable result.

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