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Our European audiovisual agency is strategically located in Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, Geneva and Madrid. Wherever you are, we are close! We offer you the possibility to create quality content everywhere in Europe responding to your specific market needs.



87seconds can help you transforming tedious stories into snappy videos. We create short videos with a powerful message. So tell the story of your product and service and give them the visibility they deserve.

Get your message across with attitude. No matter the language you speak, we will adapt ourselves. English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, etc. Our European audiovisual agency will come up with the answer to your communication issues or happily think along with you what opportunities you could seize in terms of video strategy. From animated videos to film, interviews and 3D digital videos, we help you to get your message out there.

The different offices of 87seconds collaborate closely together to give motion to your message.

Six locations, with each their own couleur locale that share one common denominator : a passion for video. Our diversity makes us stronger and enables us to come with most creative ideas. A multitude of ideas to respond to the wide variety of clients and their needs.

The cities from which we operate are our daily source of inspiration and create a young, dynamic and explosive mix that will blow your mind in less than 87 seconds !

Feel free to come by one of our offices for a cup of coffee, we are more than happy to see how we can be of help.