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New advertising agency models: Integrated Creative Agency

Creative Houses: creative, production and post-production agencies; all-in-one for greater efficiency

The solution for creating more assets with controlled marketing budgets?

How integrated agencies reduce lead times, offer more agile services and enable close collaboration to produce effective advertising campaigns

In recent years, traditional advertising agencies have come under increasing pressure to meet the needs of brands seeking to be more efficient, more agile and more innovative in their communications, while producing ever more assets (TV spots, print, content for social media…). To meet these demands, new advertising agencies have emerged, offering more integrated and comprehensive agency models.

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These agencies, often referred to as “integrated agencies” or “creative and production agencies”, bring together in-house experts from different fields such as strategy, creation, production, post-production, project management or digital marketing. By having all these skills under one roof, these agencies are able to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality service to their customers.

The integrated agency model has many advantages for advertisers. Firstly, it saves time and increases efficiency by reducing the number of intermediaries involved in the creation and production of an advertising campaign. By having all the skills in-house, lead times can be reduced and processes simplified, enabling more assets to be delivered in a shorter timeframe.

In addition, integrated agencies can offer more agile and flexible services, enabling advertisers to adapt quickly to market developments and consumer needs. By having a team of specialists in-house, integrated agencies are able to make decisions quickly and work closely with their clients to produce effective advertising campaigns.

Indeed, one of the key advantages of integrated agencies is their ability to enable close, ongoing collaboration between the different teams involved in the creation and production of an advertising campaign. Strategy, creative, production and post-production teams work together right from the start of the process to ensure that the creative idea proposed to the client is feasible, and that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

In addition, teams can work together in the field during the production of an advertising campaign, with members of the creative team such as storyboard illustrators accompanying the director on set to ensure that the original creative spirit is respected and that the final product is consistent with the original vision.

By integrating post-production from the outset, the agency is able to anticipate potential technical challenges, such as production deadlines, budgets and technical constraints, and propose solutions upstream. It also enables the agency to maintain a consistent vision of the advertising campaign throughout the production process, from initial conception to final delivery.

Creative House for shootings that meet the growing demand for more and more digital assets

Today, advertisers expect production companies to produce a large number of variations of the same campaign, whether on social networks or digital. So there's a necessary mix between crafted creative production and snackier assets.

This integrated agency model makes it possible to create smart content for brands, thanks to smart production = from a shoot, we anticipate to make lots of assets (SoMe content: stories, polls, GIFs… print visuals). It also enables us to think in terms of international roll-outs. We can therefore say that we have moved from an always-on organic strategy that was performing well to more content to address a complete conversion funnel, but with tactical roles, the aim of communication remains to engage audiences and conversations with consumers with ATAWADAC content, any time, any where, any device, any culture.

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