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Making international brand content locally relevant through multi-digital expertise and cultural adaptation

“We focus our energy on content creation but we lack the right solution to easily scale it and deploy it everywhere”.  

One of the challenges faced by international brands is creating and deploying content that resonates with global and local audiences. This article presents an approach to scaling and adapting content that is flexible, adaptable, and culturally sensitive, leveraging multi-digital expertise and an ATAWADAC mindset.


How an ATAWADAC mindset can lead to successful content deployment?

To create successful international brand content, it’s not enough to translate it. You need to take into account cultural nuances and develop a tailored content strategy that speaks directly to your target audience. An ATAWADAC mindset is key to delivering content that is accessible and relevant anywhere, anytime, on any device and any platform.

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When creating and deploying content for international brands, it’s important to recognize that different types of content serve different purposes and require different approaches to localization. For example, technical content may require more accuracy and precision, while marketing content may require more creativity and emotional appeal. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each market, businesses can develop a content strategy that is adaptable and responsive to local preferences.

To effectively deploy and adapt ATAWADAC content across multiple markets and platforms (website, social media such as Instagram, TikoTok, Line, Wechat…), we recommend a structured process based on four pillars of expertise: digital strategy, creativity, production, and post-production. This process involves taking a consumer-centric approach to ensure relevance, being innovative and forward-thinking to stand out, being efficient and agile to deliver content on time, and being forward-thinking to anticipate and avoid time-wasting.

A 100% multicultural approach to scale all types of content.

How to adapt and scale content with an ATAWADAC approach?

Creating international brand content that is locally relevant is a challenging process, but it is also an exciting opportunity to connect with new audiences. At 87seconds, we specialize in helping international brands create and deploy content that resonates with their audience, no matter where they are in the world. Our multicultural upcycling method involves a four-step process that starts with a briefing phase where we gather all the information needed to understand the client’s needs and preferences. Next, we set up a team of experts that includes project managers, writers, designers, videographers… to develop the content strategy and production plan. In the validation phase, we ensure that the content meets the client’s standards and is culturally relevant to the target audience. Finally, we deliver high-quality content on international platforms that are accessible, relevant, and engaging.

Because volumes and team structure are key in delivering this content, we rely on our group’s Multicultural IngenuityTM and tech tools to optimize this whole process, streamlining the delivery process of assets and ensuring flawless execution.

In order to address large volumes and because we know that although volumes are increasing budgets overall are not, we also identified automatization processes and industrialization as part of the adaptation process in order to deliver the best possible solution.

By leveraging multi-digital expertise and an ATAWADAC mindset, businesses can create and deploy content that resonates with global and local audiences, and ultimately helps them achieve their marketing goals.

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