Adobe launched Adobe Substance 3D, a software suite. They are facing a few challenges such as : a negative feeling from the creative industry because 3D softwares seems too complicated to use and very much time consuming. They also have to deal with an exclusive community that doesn’t want their expertise to become mainstream. But Adobe’s ambition is high, they want to make 3D accessible to most creative people around the globe, especially in the advertising industry where virtual photography could become a breakthrough.


For the awareness phase, we first created and produced a film mixing live action and 3D FX. The film illustrates the creative process of a young graphic designer, from inspiration to execution. We wanted to show that creativity is everywhere around us, it’s accessible and available to anyone who knows where to look, but to express it you need the right tools.

In addition, we came up with a series of inspiring 3D tutorials created with Adobe Substance 3D. They present all the functionalities and possibilities of the suite : Sampler, Stager, Designer and Painter. The idea was to demonstrate the ease of use and the tremendous diversity of textures, materials, and lights available.

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Atawad Content

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Atawad’s first two letters stand for « anytime ». With a more ambitious campaign than our client originally asked for, we had to react fast and well. 2 month were granted, between the brief and the global launch. Weekly touch based and approval from Adobe California in San Jose didn’t make it easier. We set up a full production team (ours) for all things live action although we were still working on the storyboard at the time, we also teamed up with an amazing duo of 3D Directors based in Paris.

Atawad’s also stands for « anywhere ». Adaptation to any situation and constraint is key, in this particular case it was all about location. The film should have had a North American look and feel, not that easy when you’re not supposed to travel because of COVID and the only choice you have is a European city. But we made it, we shot in Brussels with the precious help of our local production team, and it feels like Brooklyn and San Francisco in one place!

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