What 360/ VR / AR / Interactive  story do you want to tell?

Whether it a 360 degree video, a virtual reality experience, augmented reality tours or simply interactive content, they are all on the rise. In just a few years these new video content formats have revolutionised the communications and marketing world.  

These immersive visual concepts are an incredibly powerful tool to engage with people. Forget about the passive spectator, with these contents you transform your audience in active participants who live, experience and recount your story. 

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 360 Experience

If you’ve are already thought through a complete 360 degree video concept or if you are just toying with the idea to do something different, 87seconds is here to help. The last years we have been extensively investing in 360º video production and services. Together with our creative with can come up with video concepts that will blow your mind.

360 Video

Capturing, using multiple cameras with overlapping fields of view. Stitching, turns the individual videos into a single, high resolution, seamless panoramic video. Playing, enjoy a fully interactive video. Perfect for any event.

360 Modelling


With a pixel perfect 360 modellisation you can show every aspect of your product. Whether it’s a prototype or an innovation, turn around your model and showcase visually all it can do. This Hexo+ model created with sketchfab is the perfect example.


Let your audience interact with your video. By allowing viewers to lean forward and engage with video content, they can readily access the information that suits them best. The time that watching a video was a one way street is long gone! Engage with your audience now.

Interactive Video

Let your audience choose where the story goes with an interactive video. The time that your video audience are merely spectators is over! Activate your audience, stimulate interaction so they become a part of the video.

Interactive Infographic

European Commission - DigiCompOrg - Interactive Infographic

The perfect marriage between an animated infographic and web development. Rather than static numbers and information, present your infographic in an interactive way. Engage your audience either by hoover, scroll or click and make them personally discover what the data means to them.

HYPER  Reality

Augmented reality goes beyond other visual content formats! Add an extra dimension to your content with augmented reality, whether it is adding other graphical, or visual elements in overlay or create a whole new story around a building. Augmented reality content creates stunning experiences that will live on in people’s minds.

Augmented Reality


The perfect example of video inception is augmented reality. The superposition of moving images on top of a video enhancing is the core of AR.

Video Mapping


With a video mapping you can make buildings come alive. Concrete structures are used a canvas to project a visual story on, just like the example above that was created in co-production with our motion designer Yann Favre.

Happy Client

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What a ride! From the beginning until the end of the project, the 87teams amazed me with what is possible in terms of 360º videos. They simply went all the way and that effervescent energy is just present throughout the whole video. – Gilles Mosar


Bring the experience to your audience

Whether it is on YouTube, Facebook or Sketchfab, with custom made VR cardboards you will not only give a tangible reminder to your viewers, but you can also transport them towards new dimensions.  Provide your audience with an immersive experience that will have a long lasting impression.



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