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Would you like to publicise your company? Let your target audience know about your values? Or even introduce your different products? The team at 87seconds suggests an ecommerce video.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and at 87seconds, we produce short videos that allow you to share the entirety of your activities with your clientele. Your e-commerce video will be of huge added value to your communication strategy.

Visual introduction

An ecommerce video allows you to give an effective overview of your activities. From a distance, you can more easily create links with your clients by leading them into the heart of your world. These videos are made to measure, with the aim of promoting you as effectively as possible and communicating information more easily, all whilst capturing the attention of your clients in just a few seconds. Use our video treatment tools to reinforce your message.

Customised design

Our teams of illustrators and motion designers, plus all their tools, are at your service to generate new ideas and use your own with the aim of making your video as unique as possible and meeting all your expectations. From creating animated content to adding dynamic video effects to your filmed content, if you can explain it, we can produce it. Choose the format that suits you.

Promotional tool

A good ecommerce video can help you stand out from the competition. Videos are an excellent means of communication; they allow the audience to visualise any complex aspects. A video also has the capacity to enhance your positive image, and when it is made well, it can increase your engagement rate.

Take advantage of our proximity and follow-up

Our collaborative platform allows us to respond effectively to our clients’ requests, and to maintain close contact with them. In addition, we can ensure a physical presence in your firm thanks to our locations in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. All of this is to provide you with the utmost comfort.