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Video mapping 3d

Video mapping 3D is used when more complex shapes are required as the target for projection mapping like cars and other non flat surfaces. It is hard to describe the mind boggling effects that video mapping 3D can achieve without video demonstrations (if you search on Pinterest you'll be astounded at the effects it can achieve) and here at 87 Seconds we can create you unique video mapping 3D ideas to make you the talk of the town. The opportunities are really quite endless, you can create historical scenes, futures ones, turn a mini into a Porsche for a little while with clever projections. Its a very exciting technology to utilize.

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Do you want to stand out from your competitors and promote your company with video?


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3 benefits of video mapping 3d
  • Using video clips grows your sales.
  • Video generates higher conversion rates.
  • When a video is integrated into your direct mail, they are more powerful.
Why work with 87seconds?
  • teamwork Partners experience very good customer services
  • videocamera Simple pricing because of a precise price plan.
  • like_fb An array of international clients like Engie, ING, Coca Cola, etc.

video mapping 3d: tips & information

What is 3D video mapping?

So 3D video content is projected onto objects. But how does that work exactly? With normal projection the content is projected directly onto a white screen. With video mapping, however, special software is used that can estimate the different surfaces and contours of an object.

How to make 3d projection mapping

If you want to know how to make awesome building projections, create 3d effects in diiferent styles, perform your architecture live, this article and video mapping tutorials will help you to do this. First what you gonna do is to find, buy, download or create special tools, video mapping content and vj video mapping software.

3D video mapping for an event, how does it work?

New 3D projection model often used for night animations, or by DJs to liven up their shows, video mapping, otherwise known as "luminous fresco", is now a must in many institutional and corporate events. Let's discover together what this new innovative animation is and let's take a look at how 3D video mapping works.

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Videos are regarded as vital to marketing strategy by _____________ of companies.

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Last articles about video mapping 3d

Video mapping

Video mapping, also called luminous fresco or illusionist projection in Quebec, is a multimedia technology that allows you to project light or video onto volumes, to recreate large images on raised structures such as monuments, or to recreate 360° universes. Thanks to the use of specific software, volumes are drawn and reproduced, in order to obtain large-scale video projections that adhere as closely as possible to the chosen locations. The software allows to project one or more clips on different outputs. Animated by video-jockeys, these optical illusion games can confuse perception or mislead the spectator from the illusory deconstruction of what was static.

18 mesmerising projection mapping demos

Not so long ago, video projection mapping (the art of projecting video onto surfaces such as buildings, to create the illusion of 3D art) was a fledgling art form, with just a handful of noteworthy examples. Now, a head-turning projection is par for the course for any music festival set, product launch, or show, though that doesn't make these displays any less spectacular.


Innovative, interactive, captivating and booming, video mapping captures attention and makes an impression Fascinating, video mapping is the art of transforming a place, of giving life to an object in 3 dimensions, by perfectly matching its surface, its shape, its space. Monumental projections, illusions, trompe l'oeil, the effects of a video mapping are subjugating....


video mapping 3d prices

estimate 2.000 - 100.000€

87seconds is an agency that prides itself on offering complete price transparency. Estimating a budget is a difficult task which starts with the briefing where we will sit with you and discuss the entire video production process. Video production is a craftsman's job, which involves a lot of talent and expertise. Depending on the needs identified and the creative direction that we mutually decide to take, we will create a tailor-made quote for your project on a man-day basis.

video mapping 3d: production process



Campaign goal Challenge Debriefing


Content strategy Creative direction


Talent selection Storytelling Set up/scenography PPM meeting


Film shooting Illustrations 3D modelling Animation


Editing Compositing Colorimetry

Campaign launch

Media plan Distribution

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