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personalised videos

A personalised video?

Get inspired!


A personalised video is an opportunity for us to write your story together. At 87seconds, we make a point of adapting to the multiple needs of our clients. Design, animation, graphics and sound are just some examples of the tools our experts have mastered to perfection, with the goal of providing you with the most unique experience possible.

Creating personalised videos is a new dimension of business communication. These tailor-made videos will convince all audiences and deliver your message in an efficient way, no matter what channel of communication you use.

Customisable design

Our teams of illustrators, motion designers and their tools are at your service to generate new ideas and to use your own, with the goal of making your video as unique as possible and meeting all your expectations. From creating animated content to adding dynamic video effects to your filmed content – if you can explain it, we can produce it.

Audio-visual production

Choose from the many video formats available to give your message a new dimension. Our teams will enable you to produce your own story and interact directly, so that you influence the body of the script, the choice of style, colours, etc. Surprise your clients with your innovative content.

Real-time feedback

All our employees are at your service in real time via our dedicated platform, and are able to answer your questions on the progress and development of your project.

Improved film content

With 87seconds, the usual interviews and reports take on a whole new dimension thanks to the addition of dynamic video content. Whether it’s an overlay or integrated content that interacts directly with your video’s base footage, we’ll make your videos unique and tailored to your audience.