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360 video

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360 video 

360 videos allow you to film the environment that surrounds you with just one camera. With the images being recorded at the same time, your clients can take the controls and look where they like, just like in real life. The passive spectator therefore becomes the protagonist of this video content.

Omni-directional camera

A 360 video requires a camera specially designed for this purpose. Unlike ordinary cameras, which have a field of vision of 180° maximum, this type of omni-directional camera will allow the cameraman to film the whole environment surrounding him in a single panoramic take.

Adaptable format

Nowadays, this type of video can be watched on all devices. On the screens of their tablets and mobile phones, your audience will just have to move the camera in the direction of their choice. On computers, the visualisation is achieved through the mouse cursor.

Immersive experience

360 degree video is the best way to show your clients a place that they do not know. Thanks to these images, they will discover a place they had never seen before, down to the smallest detail. They will go exactly where you want to lead them, without actually moving.

Virtual reality VR

360 degree videos are not exactly virtual reality, but they resemble it, and the two share several common features. Many sets of virtual reality glasses have made an appearance on the market, and they also allow users to experience sensations similar to reality. To find out more, click here