Start-up video production

Explain your big idea with a compelling Start Up video

Every start-up faces the issue of being obscure. No one really knows your company, let alone understands that it’s the next big idea. If you want your start-up to succeed, you need to engage potential customers and investors, gain press coverage, and convince people that your new concept totally works. A great way to reach all three goals is to create and release a riveting demo video that not only explains your start-up’s use and benefits, but also shows how it will help the world become a better place.




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Here is some example of our video productions



Company presentation vidéos : We understand that to make things look simple, you have to sort through the complex. That’s exactly what a company presentation video will bring you: simplicity, storytelling, and engagement. A company presentation video will tell the story behind your company, explain your company culture, and differentiate you from your competitors. Most of all, it will engage your audience and make them understand your company more than ever.


Tutorial videos
Everyone wants to learn how to do things, but not everyone has the patience to read a whole set of instructions. 30 years ago, the only alternative to reading instructions was to find an expert to provide hands-on training, but that in itself was a difficult feat. Today, it’s a different story. Anyone can learn anything, thanks to the Internet and the existence of tutorial videos.


Animated web videos : The average attention span on the web is only 5 seconds long That means that if your website fails to entice or entertain viewers, he will move on to the next one. It’s your job to make sure people stay on your website. What better way to do that than to offer an animated web video? The play button is one of the most tempting calls to action. A fun animated web video tempts viewers to click the play button and see what it’s all about.

Pricing and quote for your video production

Starter 1.990 € Standard 4.490 € Palme d’Or 7.290 €
Video length About 27 seconds About 87 seconds About 87 seconds
Animation Basic Detailed Extra detailed
Voice/Sound Music 1 voice + music 1 voice +music
Servicing + ++ +++


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