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Introduce a new product to the market with a Product Demo Video

A product demo video cuts to the chase; it clearly shows your audience what your product does and how it will benefit them. Not only that, but a product demo video will reach out to your audience and give your business the good press it needs. With a well-executed demonstration video, your product will stand out from other similar products because your audience will know it, remember it, and understand the way it works.



Show, don’t tell

A good product demo video shows rather than tell. Launching a new product can be difficult because it comes with a lot of information to communicate to your audience. It’s easy for your main marketing messages to get buried under the little details. A product launch video will help you provide a focal point to your product launch because it simply shows what your product can do, and that may just be enough to get your audience interested.
Save the “my product is awesome because…” stuff for the press release and other marketing tools you may have. A product demo video just screams, “This is my new product; this is what it can do; and this is how it will make your life easier.” It’s the best, easiest, and the most straightforward way to entice your audience to learn more about – or purchase – your new product. Your audience already believes in your product because they’ve seen how it works.


Answer your audience’s questions/h3>

Another great reason to make a demo video is to provide the information you know your clients, prospects, or visitors will need. Bring up the issues that inspired you to create your product and show how your product will solve them effectively.
Don’t forget your unique selling proposition. Imagine everyone watching your product launch video saying, “That’s nice, but what makes it so great compared to other similar products on the market?” How would you answer that? Think about it, and, once you have your answer, work it into your product demo video. That’s your unique selling proposition, and make sure your audience knows it.

Your product demo video should highlight the competitive advantages of your product. It should make your target audience understand the power and depth of the skills, knowledge, and support behind your product. Your product launch video should visually delineate all the steps involved in operating your product. Most of all, it should involve a clear call-to-action that reflects what you want your viewers to do next.

Right now you might be thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of information to include in my product demo video. How on earth can I keep my video short and sweet?”


Tailor the video to fit your target audience

If you create your product launch video without a target audience in mind, your video will end up unfocused and drawn-out. A video like that is guaranteed to lose your audience’s attention within the first few minutes.

The best way to avoid such a scenario is to identify your target audience and tailor your video to fit them. That way, your video will be compact with all the main points covered. Once you identify your target audience, you’ll have a clearer idea of what they’re looking for, and you’ll be able to address their needs in your product demo video.

Here at 87 Seconds, your product demo video will be swift, expertly executed, and highly memorable. We’ll ensure that your video is graphically-rich, professional in every aspect, and instantly recognizable. Make a date with us so you can explore all the creative options we have for you to make a fantastic product demo video!

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