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make online videos



make online videos

A video is an great tool to show your clients the vast range of services offered by your company in just a few seconds.  If you make online videos you can show why your product is different and better than those of your competitors. You can even explain a complex product or idea using symbols and metaphors. Introducing your company in just a few words has never been so easy!

Since its inception, 87seconds has been consistently surrounded by the best talents, as well as high-tech graphics and cinematographic equipment in order to always deliver an unrivaled result in video production.

Digital video production

87seconds can help you give life to your ideas. Cartoons, 2D animation, et dynamic 3D production videos are part of our field of expertise. Our creative teams and their broad range of technical skills will let you make the online vides of your dreams. Don’t hesitate, if you can dream it we can make it. Learn more on animation.

Flat design and cartoons

Its sleek modern design and its timeless design make it one of the most popular tools of our company. Combine with an attractive visual appearance and a simple style, it will easily get to entertain the most reticent audiences. In addition to these characteristics, flat design also allows you to give your own style to any video produced through the pen of our artists.

3D modelling

3D modeling allows you to add a depth dimension to your videos by greatly increasing the immersive experience. This kind of videos are particularly well suited for high-tech products description. In a video, 3D modelling highlights the features of the product and the format allows the audience to enter the very heart of the structure of an object, to see it from the inside and to discover the technical aspects.

Blended videos

A blended video takes live footage and blend it with custom made digital layer on top. It allows the integration of animated elements and it adds an extra dimension to an online video. Using this style is a way to direct the viewer’s attention towards specific parts of the video.