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Communicate effectively with an instruction video

“Creating fun and exciting instructional videos can be done with animation. The whole point of instructing is to energise and engage your audience in the hands-on learning process, and animation does the trick. Not only does animation entertain easily, but it also has the power to describe anything clearly and concisely.

Instructional videos are ideal for visual, hands-on, and auditory learners. Videos are an excellent medium to help you reach out to your audience because they generate a much greater amount of interest and enjoyment than traditional printed material ever could. It’s been shown that learning via a video helps people improve their own cognitive processing abilities.

Whether your topic is technical or conceptual, you can grab your viewers’ attention on multiple levels (colour, sound, or imagery), enhance problem-based learning, and stimulate ideas and questions with an animated instruction video. Above all, instruction videos are especially useful for conceptual sectors such as economy, software, technology, and health. Those topics are difficult to explain in words; they’re better shown visually, and even easier to explain with animation.”



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Some examples of our animated videos




Learn all about 90jours and their helpful app that will show you how easy it to help in the fight against climate change.




BNP Paribas launched a new platform called Living the Change. To get everyone on board, all that was missing was a short explainer video explaining people the goal of the platform.




To present a state of the art technical product, Michelin choose for a 3D video to show every aspect of the product with precision and accuracy.

Pricing and quote for your video production

Starter 1.990 €Standard 4.490 €Palme d’Or 7.290 €
Video lengthAbout 27 secondsAbout 87 secondsAbout 87 seconds
AnimationBasicDetailedExtra detailed
Voice/SoundMusic1 voice + music1 voice +music


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