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“All successful institutions have one thing in common: a close-knit community working towards the same goal. Whether your organization is aimed at prevention, management, treatment, awareness, or another type of cause, you need to raise awareness and let people know why your cause is worth supporting. The best way to do that is to create a video that will not only sensitize your audience, but also tell your story and inspire them to take action.




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Some examples of our animated videos



We understand that to make things look simple, you have to sort through the complex. That’s exactly what a company presentation video will bring you: simplicity, storytelling, and engagement. A company presentation video will tell the story behind your company, explain your company culture, and differentiate you from your competitors. Most of all, it will engage your audience and make them understand your company more than ever.


A product demo video cuts to the chase; it clearly shows your audience what your product does and how it will benefit them. Not only that, but a product demo video will reach out to your audience and give your business the good press it needs. With a well-executed demonstration video, your product will stand out from other similar products because your audience will know it, remember it, and understand the way it works.


Public service announcements are geared towards the public about social issues such as drugs, obesity, or other causes. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness and change the public’s attitude towards an issue. The way you reach out to the public is very important; it’s your mission to captivate as many people as possible, so you need a way to express your message in a medium that’s instantly deliverable. Know what fits the bill? A video.

Pricing and quote for your video production

Starter 1.990 € Standard 4.490 € Palme d’Or 7.290 €
Video length About 27 seconds About 87 seconds About 87 seconds
Animation Basic Detailed Extra detailed
Voice/Sound Music 1 voice + music 1 voice +music
Servicing + ++ +++


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