We value proactivity and empower colleagues to quickly gain autonomy thanks to hands-on trainings. We believe decisions are best taken at the level closest to the information.

drive & passion

We believe we’re best at what we do when we actually enjoy what we’re doing. We aim at building a team of people passionate about video communications, providing great possibilities for self-accomplishment, social interaction and independence.

Demanding & reactivity

As an agency, our primary target is to meet, or even exceed, our client’s expectations. Therefore, a reactive and pixel perfect service level, whitout any exceptions, is a number one priority.

OUR mission

We get our client’s message across, using the power of storytelling and visual facilitation of videos. Our goal is to democratize the use and production of video in the entreprise by smoothening the complex production process between creatives and clients.

We offer a holistic approach on video, from strategic counsel, creative concept & brainstorming, video shooting & graphic design, to performance & insights.