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drone video

Why don’t you include a drone shot in your next video?

 drone VidEo

Drones break the barrier between the viewers and the content of a video. Drastically increase your audience’s immersion by embedding them in the heart of your message.

A drone multiplies the possibilities when it comes to points of view, and adds a new dimension to the creation of audio-visual content and cinematographic productions. Rather than just deliver a message or attach an image, make them live the experience with a drone video.

Dynamic aerial view

A drone allows you to show your universe from the sky. This device is particularly useful for updating your audience about progress on a building site or the evolution of a plot of cultivated land, for example. It can also be used to a more artistic end, to give greater depth to your videos. Come and discuss the possibilities offered by this innovative technology with us.

New dimension

Get into the heart of the action and capture the moment from never-before-seen perspectives. Drones represent the new generation of audio-visual communication. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this next step too.

Affordable price

87seconds has a high-quality drone at your disposal, allowing you to capture videos in 4K quality whilst avoiding the personnel investment that buying a device of this kind would entail.

Certified pilot

Our team includes a certified pilot, who possesses the necessary experience to operate our drone completely legally, with the aim of producing content ever more adapted to your needs.