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Ever thought about how to present your company in an original and creative manner? Go for 2D animation and forget about the classic methods. With a video you’re sure to deliver your message, present your company and share your values effectively.



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Some examples of our animated videos




A 2D created for the investors group Candriam. Want to know the difference between Sustainable and Responsible Investments and Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in fund ratings. Click the play button.



Business decision making process are often a complex multiplicity of systems that is not always easy to understand. A clear animation video reveals the underlying structure and make it understandable for everyone.



On the lookout for new talent, but you can’t really find the right fit for your company. showed in this video how their platform makes the connection between jobseekers and employers.

Pricing and quote for your video production

Starter 1.990 €Standard 4.490 €Palme d’Or 7.290 €
Video lengthAbout 27 secondsAbout 87 secondsAbout 87 seconds
AnimationBasicDetailedExtra detailed
Voice/SoundMusic1 voice + music1 voice +music


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