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An introductory video for your business: what could be better?

Your company offers a vast range of services, so it’s difficult for you to introduce them all to your clients in just a few seconds. In this case, creating a company presentation video could be of great help to you. With a presentation video, you can show why your product is different and better than those of your competitors. You can even explain a complex product or idea using symbols and metaphors. Introducing your company in just a few words has never been so easy!



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Corporate video presentation

A corporate video presentation can bring you simplicity, storytelling and engagement. A video teaser unveils everything there is to know about your business, explains its culture and allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. What’s more, it can hold your audience’s attention and allow them to understand your company better than ever before.

Product demonstration video

A product demonstration video gets straight to the point: it shows your audience exactly what your product is, and what benefits they can get from it. Plus, a video allows you to get closer to your audience, and gives your work the reputation it needs. With a well-thought-out demonstration video, your product can stand out from the competition.

Online video animation

Did you know that the average time a visitor spends on a website is just five seconds? That means that you only have five seconds to capture the attention of an internet user. If your site is incapable of enticing or entertaining them, they’ll move on. An excellent way to avoid this is to display an animated video on your website. Nothing is more tempting than pressing a button marked “play”.







Pricing and quote for your video production

Starter 1.990 €Standard 4.490 €Palme d’Or 7.290 €
Video lengthAbout 27 secondsAbout 87 secondsAbout 87 seconds
AnimationBasicDetailedExtra detailed
Voice/SoundMusic1 voice + music1 voice +music


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