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Video marketing for lawyers

Video marketing for lawyers is critical in a digital age where a client is likely to pick a law practise based on the power and presence of its digital presence. Videos can be used to give your practise a digital identity and a personality with an effective strategy. Consider that 96% of people (according to Nivan) looking for legal advice will start their search online - imagine they find video testimonials about your firm, or simple explainer videos holding their hand through the process by your firm? Who are they going to go to? With video marketing for lawyers, 87 Seconds will make sure that the go to lawyer is your firm.

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Do you want to stand out from your competitors and promote your company with video?


Best of - video marketing for lawyers

3 benefits of video marketing for lawyers
  • Audio visual productions boost your marketing campaign.
  • Customer contact is more human when the communication is established via video.
  • Videos meet the expectations of the visitor and brings satisfaction.
Why work with 87seconds?
  • teamwork 87 Seconds expertise is demonstrated by the number of original high-quality videos already promoted worldwide
  • videocamera We have enchanted partners in their 1000s yearly.
  • like_fb 87 Seconds can help you with the entire video creation process: from briefing to distribution.

video marketing for lawyers: tips & information

Video Marketing for Attorneys

YouTube, the largest video-sharing website, has over 4 billion video views on the site every single day. Some people learn by seeing, some people learn by doing, and others learn by hearing. When it comes to the content on your website, you have to think the same way. While some people enjoy reading, others can learn and absorb more by watching a video....

Top 6 Videos for Law Firm Video Marketing

Videos are an excellent way to improve SEO, increase website traffic, and increase engagement on social media. The perception is that it’s too difficult, there’s not enough time to create and it’s too expensive. In this article we’ll explore the types of videos you can use for your website or on social media to engage visitors and attract new clients. Testimonial videos are a great way to provide social proof to potential clients....

7 Best Articles on Law Firm Video Marketing

Use these awesome resources to create powerful and effective law firm marketing videos. Are you considering adding video to your law firm marketing strategy? Developing successful video marketing can be a challenge for many attorneys, but we’ve created a list of resources to help you get started. Video is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing for law firms; however, it can also be very easy to get wrong....

Quiz - Test your video expertise

Each year, the consumption of videos on mobile phones _____________, according to research collected from Youtube.

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Attorney video marketing can be an important aspect of your law firm’s online presence. If you need help with lawyer video marketing, contact Epic Web Results. Attorney video marketing can be an important component of both your law firm’s website and its overall presence on the Internet....

3 Benefits Of Putting Your Law Firm Video Marketing On Autopilot, Part 2

On Tuesday you learned about the first two legs of the automated legal video marketing stool. Once you’ve covered your bases for the first 2 legs of the stool, if you think you’re done with your automated marketing system with all that effort, you would be wrong. Now you must gear up for the third leg of your stool.Once you’ve covered your bases for the first 2 legs of the stool, if you think you’re done with your automated marketing system with all that effort, you would be wrong. Now you must gear up for the third leg of your stool.

What’s up with all these branding videos?

Have you noticed the sleek, impressive branding videos many lawyers are running these days? You might see them as a TV advertisement, but more likely via social media or on a law firm website....


video marketing for lawyers prices

estimate 2.000 - 100.000€

87seconds is an agency that prides itself on offering complete price transparency. Estimating a budget is a difficult task which starts with the briefing where we will sit with you and discuss the entire video production process. Video production is a craftsman's job, which involves a lot of talent and expertise. Depending on the needs identified and the creative direction that we mutually decide to take, we will create a tailor-made quote for your project on a man-day basis.

video marketing for lawyers: production process



Campaign goal Challenge Debriefing


Content strategy Creative direction


Talent selection Storytelling Set up/scenography PPM meeting


Film shooting Illustrations 3D modelling Animation


Editing Compositing Colorimetry

Campaign launch

Media plan Distribution

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