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Commercial video production in Chicago

Hiring commercial video production in Chicago is easy when you pick 87 Seconds! As we can craft you a compelling message through a commercial that directly speaks to your target audience. Even from a sparse idea that you provide us with, from the information about your business, your goals, and the solutions you provide, we can craft a tailored message in the form of a polished video. The opportunities are infinite with the right words and the right video. For people who need commercial video production in Chicago, 87 Seconds can create commercials and videos fit for your unique purpose and ultimately to increase your sales.

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Do you want to stand out from your competitors and promote your company with video?


Best of - commercial video production in Chicago

3 benefits of using video
  • Video clips play a part in the customer satisfaction of the potential customer.
  • Video allows the humanization of customer communication.
  • The insertion of an audiovisual animation on your home page energizes the image of your company.
Why work with 87seconds?
  • teamwork More than a hundred videographers at your service.
  • videocamera The complete A to Z of the video making process.
  • like_fb Hundreds and hundreds of customized and excellent quality videos have already been distributed throughout the world

commercial video production in Chicago: strategy & tips

How much does a corporate video production cost?

Cost is a very important factor for companies looking to create a corporate video, however, many of these (generally newer) companies often aren’t aware of what a price range may be. Since many smart phones incorporate cutting edge camera hardware in the palm of your hand, as well as editing software, it’s relatively easy to produce decent videos without any additional costs. Once the optimal target audience is determined and the most interesting aspects and moments are shared, the project may have more impact than big budget productions.


Posting videos on social media needs to be part of your strategic marketing plan. We know this much is true (We blogged about it before). But, how do you approach that? Here are a few social media production tips. Keepin’ it real: Authenticity is important. Your social media video gives you the opportunity to show your audience who your brand is, what it does, and why they need it. Your brand identity should guide your content. The social media space is casual and fluid, so don’t be afraid to give your audience a different side of your brand, and in turn expanding your brand identity.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Video is one of the most consumed types of content on the web, with an estimated 82% of all online traffic trending toward video by 2021. And about 90% of views come from mobile, where more and more users are accessing the internet. With numbers like these, it’s hard to make a case against a video. Furthermore, people are more likely to watch a video than to read the text. Users see videos as an easier way to consume the information they’re after. Consequently, having a video on your website will engage users and make them stay on your page longer.

Quiz - Test your video expertise

Conversion rate for users almost _____________ when videos are present.

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Everything about the commercial video production in Chicago

Guest Post: Corporate Video Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Choosing to create a corporate video to help promote your business involves an investment of energy and time. A well-made corporate video that communicates the right message and connects with the correct audience can make a strong impact. So it’s important to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of success. By avoiding these errors, you’ll greatly enhance the prospects of your next corporate video production.


For years, motion design and animated videos have been a fun way to inform and entertain customers and employees alike. Producing a custom animation that delivers your message can sometimes cost more than you want to spend. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should use motion graphics to tell your story, keep reading.  Here are five things to consider when creating motion graphics videos. If you work in a highly technical industry or simply seek to explain complicated information, communicating with your audience can have its challenges. Motion graphic videos are an effective way for content marketers to communicate this complex information and data-rich content in an easy-to-digest format.

Guest Post: Why the Customer is the Hero of Your Brand Story

For many businesses looking to get started in marketing, they are eager to create video content to get their name out there as quickly as possible. I get it: raising brand awareness about what products you create and what services your offer is important. And it’s important to differentiate yourself from the competition. But here’s where businesses fall into the trap: thinking that they are the hero of their brand story. Now let’s think about the power of storytelling for a moment. Apart from face-to-face physical contact, video is the most powerful way to connect with someone. Video connects someone with the ‘why’ behind a story, rather than just the ‘what’.


Pricing - commercial video production in Chicago

estimate 2.000 - 100.000€

87seconds is an agency that prides itself on offering complete price transparency. Estimating a budget is a difficult task which starts with the briefing where we will sit with you and discuss the entire video production process. Video production is a craftsman's job, which involves a lot of talent and expertise. Depending on the needs identified and the creative direction that we mutually decide to take, we will create a tailor-made quote for your project on a man-day basis.

commercial video production in Chicago: production process


When creating an audiovisual animation, specialized agencies usually navigate through 3 main stages: pre-production, production and, finally, post-production.

Pre-production focuses on the formulation of the project as well as the planning of the required materials and human resources (equipment, camera operators, availability of the location, etc).

Then comes production. Many parts have to be thought about during this crucial stage: the filming process, lighting setup, etc. Finally, post-production facilitates the video to be completed before it is given to the target audience.

Thanks to our years of successful experience managing this three-stage process, 87seconds is the ideal choice for all companies in search of a reliable and competent production agency.




Campaign goal Challenge Debriefing


Content strategy Creative direction


Talent selection Storytelling Set up/scenography PPM meeting


Film shooting Illustrations 3D modelling Animation


Editing Compositing Colorimetry

Campaign launch

Media plan Distribution

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