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Real estate drone video

Why a real estate drone video? These days. in real estate you need to stand out and traditional videography just does not make the the grade. The property and location need to look their very best. One way to stand tall and fly high so to speak is to use the latest drone technology to create a real estate drone video and then lots more for the rest of your properties too. 87 Seconds will make sure that no property buyer of yours ever complains that they have not seen the property from every angle, or that they weren't aware of what was in the surrounding area! And you can expect your sales to increase!

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Do you want to stand out from your competitors and promote your company with video?


Best of - real estate drone video

3 benefits of real estate drone video
  • The inclusion of a video can encourage more internet users to visit your website.
  • The offer is more clear to the internet user when delivered as a video.
  • Because its very format is decisively modern, a video reinvigorates your marketing plan.
Why work with 87seconds?
  • teamwork A true commitment to your company image.
  • videocamera Your creation will have over 100 innovative specialists at your service.
  • like_fb Multiple exclusive and excellent quality projects have already been distributed internationally

real estate drone video: tips & information

Guide to Real Estate Drone Photography and Real Estate Videography

Real estate drone photography and real estate videography  has attracted beginner drone pilots in droves. How do you differentiate yourself in this intensely competitive market? So, what is the secret to excellent real estate drone photography? Do you need to use any additional equipment while shooting real estate interiors? We also discuss post production and pricing. Read on to find some great practical insights that will help you deliver excellent real estate footage.

Why use real estate drone photography?

Using aerial photography for real estate creates visual intrigue about a home and is especially valuable for the price. According to Multiple Listing Service statistics, properties with accompanying aerial imagery are 68% more likely to sell than properties without aerial imagery, and that number is only increasing....

Complete Guide to Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

I almost titled this post “Commercial Real Estate Photography for Beginners,” but felt uneasy with what that title would have suggested. Drone photography for commercial real estate clients is definitely not for beginners, per se. Commercial real estate photography is, more often than not, marketing-oriented, and to effectively capture great marketing photos you must already have a keen eye for photography, own a quality drone, and have skill and experience using it....

Quiz - Test your video expertise

Every year, mobile video consumption increases by _____________, according to info found by Youtube.

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Marketing real estate with aerial drone video and photography

Our shoot provided aerial views of a custom home lot and its surrounding landscape. Aerial drone video and photography is changing the marketing of real estate. Let’s take a look at how real estate agents and brokers can benefit from marketing with aerial drone imagery Using modern aerial drones makes it very easy to capture dramatic video and stunning photos that make buyers want to see more. Many drones combine programmable GPS and point of interest camera targeting....


Technological advances have made it efficient and cost effective to take pictures and videos from drones, aka Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Real estate professionals working with residential, commercial and land parcels can all benefit from the images and information obtained from using UAS technology. This imagery is an incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home....


real estate drone video prices

estimate 2.000 - 100.000€

87seconds is an agency that prides itself on offering complete price transparency. Estimating a budget is a difficult task which starts with the briefing where we will sit with you and discuss the entire video production process. Video production is a craftsman's job, which involves a lot of talent and expertise. Depending on the needs identified and the creative direction that we mutually decide to take, we will create a tailor-made quote for your project on a man-day basis.

real estate drone video: production process



Campaign goal Challenge Debriefing


Content strategy Creative direction


Talent selection Storytelling Set up/scenography PPM meeting


Film shooting Illustrations 3D modelling Animation


Editing Compositing Colorimetry

Campaign launch

Media plan Distribution

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