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Want to differentiate from competition and communicate internally or externally on your company with explainer videos? Have a look at some of our latest videos below and figure out which style is most suited for your brand/company !




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chinese shadows logo 87seconds

Some examples of our animated videos



Bees saving the planet? Beeodiversity explains who bees will safeguard biodiversity in the future.

How to manage your health. Indigomed offers you global solutions.

Europcar promoted its Ladies@themovies campaign with this flat design video.

Pricing and quote for your video production

Starter 1.990 € Standard 4.490 € Palme d’Or 7.290 €
Video length About 27 seconds About 87 seconds About 87 seconds
Animation Basic Detailed Extra detailed
Voice/Sound Music 1 voice + music 1 voice +music
Servicing + ++ +++


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